BITM 2023
Date: 11-13 May 2023
Venue: Lumbini Sacred Garden
Lumbini, Nepal
Urgen Dorjee Chholing Singapore

Urgen Dorjee Chholing Singapore

The monastery is located one K.T.M. north side of Fewa Lake almost 100 fit height and above more than 800 meter high from sea level. There is a guest room in ground floor, meditation center in the third floor, Lakhang in fourth floor and the accommodation for Rinpoche Guru is in fifth floor. The monastery is named "Shree Urgen Choling gumba bhumi, residence in 26th February 2012 by the honorable gurus H.H.Shechen, Rabjem Rinpoche. The physical construction was started from 2070 falgun, taking financial support from many institutions and the donors, who are the followers of Buddhism.